The Project is a unique web platform developed to disseminate knowledge of the ongoing projects promoted by the best Non-Profit Organizations based in Europe.

By conveying information about the best Non-Profit projects sponsored by European Organizations, aims to spread knowledge and shed some light on a world that too often is ignored or approached with skepticism and mistrust. provides a valid, serious and precise guide of the most qualified and reliable Non-Profit Organizations dealing with individual or collective needs and ready to respond at request for: work/volunteering; funding; study and research; partnership. aims to bring the humanitarian project to the centre of the collective interest through an intelligent and dynamic mapping of the best Non-Profit Organizations active in different context: from the medical/scientific research to the international cooperation; from the adoption to the domestic assistance for the terminally ill; from the protection of the environment to the education; from the fight against gender-based violence to the sustainable development; from the first response to humanitarian emergencies to the awareness campaigns on ethical and social issues; from the support for the homeless to the fight against hunger and poverty; from the rights of minorities to the assistance of migrants and asylum seekers.

How does it work? Through three simple search filters (What; Where and Who), the user has the coordinates to navigate the platform. Landing on the results page, the Non-Profit Organizations will be presented with their logos and the hyperlink to the project’s page of their own relevant website.